Chef LeRoy's original Detroit soul food has returned to Ottawa!

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So what is soul food anyway? The best-known examples are fried chicken and barbecued ribs. Any food from the southern United States based on traditional African dishes is soul food. My soul food comes from the south via Detroit. My grandma grew up and learned how to cook in Georgia, then she taught me when I was growing up in Michigan.

Delicious food for your soul

Here are just some of my dishes:

Hire me to feed your party

It's more affordable than you think to hire me to cook for your party! Prices start at just $15 per mouth! That's less than $200 to feed a party of 12! How can you beat that?

Dry goods for your pantry

Want to try cooking your own soul food? I got you covered!


I'm sorry to have to tell you that the Lola Street ghost restaurant closed in November 2017 (and the Gladstone Avenue location closed in August 2015).

Maybe you visited me, Chef LeRoy, at Jean Albert's in Hallville. Or maybe on Somerset Street West in Ottawa. Maybe you came along later and met me at my food truck off Woodward Drive. Maybe you discovered me at Detroit Soul Food on Gladstone Avenue. Or maybe I fed you from my ghost restaurant through UberEATS. I'm as sorry as you are, but all these places are closed now.

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